Christina Branner Jespersen

The Danish singer has been gracing audiences with her beautiful voice since the age of ten. With a move from Copenhagen to Berlin in 2000, Christina has been succesfully pursuing her professional career in the music industry, while continuing her education at the Conservatory of Music, Hanns Eisler, Berlin. She completed her studies in the summer of 2009, becoming a certified jazz vocalist and teacher of music.

This professional vocalist inspires audiences all over the world, be it as a soul- and popsinger on tour in Libanon, with a big band in Mexico, as a jazz-diva in the world renowned Ritz-Carlton or a chansonette in the German Opera, Berlin. She has also performed with music legends such as Peter Herbolzheimer, Sheila Jordan and Dr. Jazz in various high-profile jazz venues throughout Germany, accumulating impressive references from more than 500 gigs.

Today, Christina can be seen and heard with bands such as East Star Band, iqon - das Trio and any other. In between, she works behind the scenes as a vocal coach of various casting shows in German televison and /or educates aspiring vocalists and actors in the art of singing and interpretation.

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